Thursday, December 20, 2007

High Cost of Living Extremely Well Index

(The Big Picture) The Rich really are different -- as today's chart porn reveals.

It has to do with inflation -- the High Cost of Living Extremely Well Index. It turns out that this HCLEWI has been skyrockting, as the chart below, courtesy of Forbes, shows:



This is but one of a very cool collection of charts in a book I happened across in Barnes & Noble yesterday: All the Money in the World.

Chock full of "Infographics," it is a look at the lives, culture, and financial habits of the unbelievably rich.

The book delves into the Forbes 400 -- businessmen and women, sports stars, entertainment figures and wealthy heirs all get profiled in gritty but fascinating detail.

"blue collar billionaires," "West Coast money," "giving it away" and, naturally, "power and politics."

There's several more graphics at Amazon

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