Friday, February 22, 2008

City asks people to 'adopt' vacant houses

(Minneapolis - St. Paul StarTribune) With the number of boarded-up homes increasing because of foreclosures, Minneapolis city officials are encouraging neighbors and block clubs to "adopt" a vacant property on their block.

Here are some suggestions from the Minneapolis Police Department.

• If you see someone inside or around a vacant property, call 911.

• If you observe anything on the property that could be a health or safety problem call 311.

• To report a building that is open to trespass, but has not yet been boarded up, call the Housing Inspections Boarded Building Unit (612) 673-5828.

• Check on a vacant property occasionally to ensure doors and windows are closed and that the building is not open to trespass.

• It's all right to shovel snow, rake leaves, and pick up or remove flyers and litter without notifying the property's owner.

• Do NOT dig, climb on a building, enter a building or make improvements to vacant property before you have written consent from the property owner.

• If your block has a property with an ongoing problem, call your Crime Prevention Specialist at your police precinct.

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