Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Credit rating agencies: the complete list?

(DefaultRisk.com) At 64 credit rating agencies worldwide, this list is only one more than our previous tally, see the historical list. Listing all the world's credit rating agencies is a hopeless task, but several kind people have written to me so this compilation represents significant turnover, see the nine names dropped from prior list.

Interestingly, mechanical credit scoring continues to gain acceptance and application. This trend is fueled by: a) increased uniformity and electronic reporting of financial information, 2) decreased "name recognition" of borrowers by investor/lenders, as 3) credit becomes more global, 4) an increased ability to make use of a quantitative value within the growing tide of Credit Value-at-Risk models/systems, and 5) regulator incentives for some to adopt an Internal Models Approach.

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