Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kurt Hess's Financial Modeling Page

In 1999, Kurt Hess migrated to New Zealand from Switzerland where he had been working for Credit Suisse First Boston in Zurich, as a Director of Fixed Income and Credit Research. He now teaches at Waikato University Management School (Hamilton, New Zealand).

Here are some models he developed for the Waikato Management School modeling courses. They are all Excel spreadsheets, sometimes enhanced by VBA code. Feel free to download them for any non-commercial purpose but give Kurt credit in your research paper .

Some VBA code modules are password protected because I use them for teaching purposes and students must at least buy a password cracker to obtain the code (some program it themselves). If you crack his files, send him at least a copy of this password cracking software. His email:

Modeling is a great way ....

to introduce students to concepts in Finance. The benefits of modeling in finance are discussed in this article (PDF format) : Modeling in Finance Courses

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