Monday, July 7, 2008

Vox launches subprime book today

A book of Vox columns on the subprime crisis is posted today for free downloading. Edited by Andrew Felton and Carmen Reinhart, the collection brings together the best columns on this fast moving issue as well as providing a timeline of the crisis and a glossary.

Carmen Reinhart and Andrew Felton have edited a collection of Vox columns on the subprime crisis. Available as of today for free on, it will soon also be available in print from CEPR .

The columns – by luminaries such as Boeri, Buiter, Cecchetti, De Grauwe, Guiso, Persaud, Spaventa, Tabellini, Wyplosz and many more – are grouped into 3 headings: Why did the crisis happen? How is the crisis unfolding? And What can be done?

This is the first Vox collection, but surely not the last. Vox aims to raise the level of economic policy debates by making it easier for researchers to draw out the policy implications of their research and by making their work more accessible to professional economists in public and private sectors, academics, and journalism. By gathering together the most important Vox columns on the subprime crisis, we aim to make this research even more accessible.

The editors, Andrew Felton and Carmen Reinhart, have arranged the columns in a sequence that should make the book an accessible introduction to the key issues for economists and students alike.

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