Friday, November 28, 2008

List heaven: The worst of everything...

(FT Alphaville) It’s just around the time that people begin to get really silly. But the penchant for lists and superlatives yields some intriguing insights, in the latest slew of scorecards to pop up in the blogosphere:

- Jim Bianco at Bianco Research brings us some eye-popping comparisons to the US bailout bill, via David Seaton’s News Links.

- The US bailout scorecard, so far, courtesy of WSJ’s Marketbeat.

- The New York Times brings us an even neater graphic guide to bail-outs.

- A grim roll-call: Wall Street’s biggest losers, from DealBook.

- The 20 worst years in US stock market history, since 1815, courtesy of The Wallet.

- The world’s biggest losers, from Business Sheet: 20 global moguls who have gotten creamed in the recent economic collapse.

- The financial crisis in perspective: Some striking numbers to emerge from the financial crisis, from Deal Journal.

- Deal Journal charts the winners and losers from the BHP-Rio collapse.

- Paul Kedrosky’s ever-changing league list of the largest US banks by market cap.

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