Friday, January 30, 2009

Bank of England dresses for success

By Tracy Alloway on the Financial Times Alphaville:

As if working at the BoE isn’t depressing enough, its female employees are now being told how to dress. For success, no less. Really.

The central bank held a “Dress for Success” day earlier this week, sending a memo to its female employees.
Women’s Wear Daily has a copy:
Look professional, not fashionable; be careful with perfume; always wear a
heel of some sort - maximum 2 inches; always wear some sort of makeup - even if
it’s just lipstick.” Shoes and skirt must be the same color. No-no’s include
ankle chains - “professional, but not the one you want to be associated with;”
white high heels; overstuffed handbags; an overload of rings, and double-pierced

We don’t know whether to worry more that someone is actually wearing ankle chains to the BoE, or that this sort of patronising fashion advice (match your shoes to your skirt? Always wear makeup?) is still being spun.

But — if we’re going down this route can we at least ban Mervyn King’s
hideous ties as well?

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